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I live in the”eco”word to the ear, and plastic bags, but charge for it based on the rules to follow the concept, but honestly there was not. Japan is a developed country, developed country in every field is the forerunner of all other initiatives and hear thought-provoking eco-conscious would be something I am econawa established. Plastic just has a negative impact on the environment to find the information if you find that just a few decades after the future has become scary now, we can do what is just and perspective. Overseas hotel amenities are all eco ones are used and waste is produced by food also such as to and from, food where the seasoning from the shampoo such as toiletry ranging from the amount sold, and bottles to bring in to purchase systems and services a lot,I also really, Been established for PET bottles and cans, recyclables sorting of other made things and there is no food tray for the first time, plastic product all parts that Week 2 is Week 1 of the amount of the special things in not only this much garbage is reduced, and surprise, Or just how plastic products are many of the things that also surprised. The development along with increase convenience and avoid the hassle of with the times to continue to increase,now at risk to the reality, the hard thing is the simple life of consciousness to be meaningful, I think. From disposable to sustainable products, disposable lunch packs and on there Lunch Box and wash it only in...... Drink also tumbler back and such as do not daily life in a lot of eco-me. Our"econawa"is this from things like earth friendly products,
It is also environmentally friendly eco activities okinawa as possible. Everyone every one of the awareness of the environment,the future is changed. Efrat Goldstein ,So Please Visit Their Hayami



Yukie Hayami

CEO, Co-founder

Efrat goldstein

Chip Designer