Affiliate Terms and Conditions

There is a manual that guides you through all the steps after logging in, but please introduce the econawa link or coupon code on your SNS tools (blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), etc.
1. Register and login to the affiliate portal >
2. After logging in, you will be provided with our referral link and a 10% coupon code to share with your site visitors.
(This website, Instagram images, and posted articles can be used freely.)
3.- Site visitors will automatically receive 15% of the sales commission on their registered account when they access the store and purchase products through the referral link or use the coupon code at checkout.

(About reward)
1- Fees are calculated by deducting shipping and taxes from your order.
2- If the user (consumer) does not purchase from the link, the affiliate will not receive the reward.
Affiliate's performance fee is not when the user clicks on the advertisement link from the site, purchases and gets the reward, but the purchase is confirmed correctly at our shop and the transfer is done.
3- We will pay via bank transfer or PayPal.
4- Payment will be made from the 10th of the month after the first payment is made.
The transfer fee for the reward will be borne by the affiliate.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.