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About Us

"econawa" believes that a slow life is a happy and fulfilling heart.

The world is full of things, and if you buy a lot of things on impulse, you won't be attached to one thing and you won't be able to take care of it.

Until a long time ago, there were no mobile phones, and there weren't many things that pursued convenience like today. As for whether that time was boring, I think I probably spent more fulfilling days than now.
We feel satisfied and enriched when we are given things, but that is the joy of being given, not the true fulfillment of our hearts.

When you listen to the music of that era, you can remember things along with the background of the time.

“Taking care of things = caring for people and the environment = joy, positivity, and abundance”

It leads to a slow life by valuing encounters with people, time, money, and life instead of moving to new things one after another.

Our store "econawa" deals with products that are friendly to the earth and the environment. We are moving from household waste and single-use plastic products to products that you can love and use for a long time, and we are aiming for Zero waste .

Even small things work for the environment if everyone keeps in mind. It's nice to be attached to one thing and cherish it, and it's already eco-friendly.

Efrat Goldstein, Yukie Hayami

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