About presents and gift wrapping

A gift for that important person is a product that is good for the environment and health and can be used for a long time.

At our shop, we mainly deal with products that do not use plastic that are friendly to the earth and the environment.
econawa has shifted from household plastic products to replacement products that can be used for a long time,
We are aiming for Zero Waste.

Our gift wrapping service will
We will pack and send with econawa original wrapping materials and gift cards.

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  • Gift-wrapped products can be delivered directly to the address where you want to send the gift.
  • The amount will not be stated on the enclosed purchase statement.
  • Please be assured that if the orderer and the delivery address are different, the purchase statement will not be enclosed.
  • The invoice of the box we deliver will have "Sender: Dear 〇〇" printed on it, so you will know who the gift is from.
  • We have enclosed an econawa gift card for customers who wish to have it wrapped, so you can give it to your loved ones with a message.

*For gift wrapping, if there are no instructions, we will ship all the items you ordered together.
*If the orderer and the recipient are different and would like a gift message, please write the message in the remarks column and we will include it in the package.
* If the orderer and the delivery address are different, please register the desired delivery address from "Add new delivery address" on the order details input screen.
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