About Eco Nawa

"econawa" believes that a slow life is a happy and fulfilling heart.
The world is full of things, and if you buy a lot of things on impulse, you won't be attached to one thing and you won't be able to take care of it.

Until a long time ago, there were no mobile phones, and there weren't many things that pursued convenience like today. If I were to ask if that time was boring, I think I probably spent more fulfilling days than now and valued things more.
There are so many things, and when we are given things, we feel that our hearts are enriched.
By taking care of things, you can make memories with time, reduce wasteful consumption, and create positive ideas. It makes me happy when I think I did something good.
Rather than moving to new things one after another, valuing encounters with people, time, money, and life leads to a slow life.

Our store "econawa" deals with products that are friendly to the earth and the environment. We aim to achieve Zero waste by transitioning from household waste and single-use plastic products to products that you will love and use for a long time.

If everyone pays attention to even the smallest things, they will work for the environment. It's wonderful that being attached to one thing already makes you eco-friendly.

Efrat Goldstein, Yukie Hayami