What is an eco-friendly gift?

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Eco-Friendly & Ethical Gifts

This year's holiday is likely to be spent in a different way than usual, but it's still an exciting season to send gifts to loved ones. We, econawa, recommend gifts for 2020!! Introducing ethical items, self-care items, and zero-waste items.
We will deliver products that can be cherished with long-lasting attachment.

For coffee lovers

Coffee/tea tumbler/organic tote bag set

This ethical kit is for those who love coffee and tea. A heat-resistant glass with a portable silicon lid. An organic tote bag with a compact pouch that can hold a lot of space and a cute tumbler just by placing it on your desk or table. A fashionable design tote that can be used when shopping or carried around as an everyday bag because it is small enough to be carried around in a bag.

For smoothie lovers

smoothies and cold drinks

Set of 4 stainless steel straws (with cleaning brush)
zero waste item! Stainless steel straw with a pouch that can be carried so that you can use it on the go Drinks are even more delicious!

For people who drink mineral water at room temperature

heat resistant glass water bottle

The water bottle is made of a heat-resistant glass that can be carried as it is because it has a handle, so you can put hot and cold drinks in it.
You can see the contents of room temperature drinks, so you can enjoy the appearance by adding fruits and herbs as detox water.

For those who want to start eco-friendly drinks anywhere on the go

econawa stainless steel bottle ~ zero waste travel gear ~

Long time heat and cold resistant compact bottle Lightweight and easy to carry bottle with a handle All 4 colors (stainless color, pink, ice blue, off-white)
capacity 600ml

Items you can use on the go It takes a little planning to travel, shop, and eat out without creating waste or waste.

In order not to generate plastic waste, it is convenient for a quick meal if you have your own cutlery at home or on the go. It fits comfortably in your bag, so it doesn't take up much space. A multifunctional silicone bag that can be washed and used repeatedly. You can use it not only as a port for carrying snacks, but also as a port for storing small stationery items, cosmetics, etc. No more feeling guilty about constantly throwing away disposable ziplocks. .

Zero waste items in the bathroom

For those who are conscious of beauty and ecology

The best gift made from nature! The scent of calendula and lavender leads the bathroom to a peaceful space. Additive-free face soap.
This time of year when I spend a lot of time at home. Let's send a special gift to relax in a relaxing bath time

Find a bargain at the thrift shop

secondhand book
I often find little used books that are in mint condition or interesting rarities at local used bookstores and charity/thrift stores, so if you look in the shops you might find some unexpected bargains. But if you're looking for a specific book, it's easier to search online.

What is an eco-friendly gift?

Gifts are never just about things, but rather about caring for someone important, the desire to give something, and the time it takes.

Suppose you are planning to go on a trip. Of course, you can have various experiences and have a good time while traveling. But making plans and sharing time together is a memory that will last forever.

We gave away toys and puzzles that children no longer use as recycling. Instead of constantly buying new things, minimizing and giving away reusable items is an important way to avoid wasting things. Children genuinely enjoy playing and never complain about recycled products.

You can also arrange wrapping paper and gift cards to create something unique and original. Children's drawings, old cards, newspapers, used ribbons, flower arrangements and dried flowers can all be used for unique and economical wrapping.

Each gift is thoughtful. Spending, time, thoughts and feelings when buying a gift is the best love.

There was a gift exchange at the Christmas party of the soccer club that my child belongs to. The rule of the gift was the item that you don't buy with the soccer equipment you have. I was skeptical that something that was no longer used could be used as a gift, but the children who exchanged gifts were pleased with the fact that after opening the boxes, they exchanged them so that they could use the size of their own.
It was a moment when I felt that there is value not only in expensive and new things, but in an environment where we can share memories, efforts, and necessary things at that time.
I don't even know if the simple feeling that comes out of ingenuity is true happiness.

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