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eco friendly cleaning routine

In today's article, let's explore what an eco-friendly cleaning routine looks like with eco-friendly cleaning products.

Every month, once a week, or every day, cleaning is essential to keeping our homes and businesses clean, but disposable products used for cleaning have a negative impact on the environment. do you know that there is

For example, dish sponge 🧽

I think there are many people who have never been very conscious of the material of the sponge. In fact, I myself have been using the dish sponge for a long time without any discomfort.

Most sponges sold in the market are made of plastic, and acrylic scrubbers and melamine sponges are also made of nylon polyester, melamine resin (plastic material), etc.

Fragments that are worn out and torn off by repeated use flow through sewage, and the particles become even finer and eventually flow into the sea without 100% being removed even at the sewage center. Even if the material is so small that we cannot see it with our eyes, it is still plastic. It is said that it takes several hundred to several thousand years to decompose, especially in seawater.

We share an eco-friendly cleaning routine that is easy for us to do.

1. Use natural cleaning tools

One of the most important eco-friendly cleaning methods is to use natural cleaning tools. Eco-friendly cleaning products made from natural materials are easy to make and last for a long time, saving you money. If you don't know where to start, here are some natural cleaning products.

2. Stop using disposable items

When I started living alone, I didn't have a vacuum cleaner, so I used a mop pad and a disposable duster to clean my room. From that time on, I started to think about ecology and the global environment little by little, but I used disposable dusters without any discomfort.
I thought it was because it's not plastic and it's flammable. ! I preached to myself, and now sweep the floor once a week with an old-fashioned broom and dustpan.

The broom set, which is a new product from econawa, can clean small dust and small areas that cannot be removed with a mop pad.
Not too big, not too small...
I often use it to clean bread crumbs on my desk and around my desk.

I like to keep all cleaning supplies out of sight, but this dustpan and brush can be used as an interior decoration even if they are placed in a corner of the room without feeling out of place!

The iron dustpan fits perfectly on the floor, making it an excellent product that will not miss even the smallest of dust. I use it to collect small food waste that accumulates in the refrigerator, and bread and food waste that accumulates in the oven toaster and oven, and it is quite useful.

3. Throw away the paper towels

Kitchen paper used when wiping dirt on the table! But there were some stats that made me reconsider picking up this disposable paper.

Japan's paper production volume ranks third in the world after China and the United States

Per capita consumption is 203kg per year, far exceeding the world average of 54kg.

It takes 18 trees and about 75708 liters of water to make 1 ton of paper .
In the United States alone, 3,000 tons of paper towels are thrown away every day. The numbers are already so big that it's hard to tell how much...

In the paper industry, 64% of the raw material for paper produced in Japan is recycled paper, and the other 36% is made from wood. On the other hand, deforestation is also occurring due to slash-and-burn farming that does not take into account the resilience of nature and excessive extraction of wood for fuel.

Plastic is seen as a problem, but that doesn't necessarily mean that paper is kind to the earth.

What should I do if plastic and paper are useless...💦

It is very difficult to suddenly ban the use of plastic and paper. There is nothing you should not use. However, "using without thinking" and "using with thinking" are completely different even if they are the same act.

To make your daily cleaning more eco-friendly, replace paper towels with reusable products. Use organic, unbleached cotton paper towels as a duster for mopping, and paper towels are also great for dusting and cleaning tables.

We also recommend kitchen towels made from reusable bamboo fiber that can be used in place of disposable paper. A towel that can be washed and reused when it gets dirty can be used about 60 to 80 times, and can be composted after use. It turns into soil and is recycled ♲.

It is also good to use towels, sheets, pillowcases, T-shirts, etc. that are no longer used for cleaning as rags.

4. Purify the Air Naturally

Today, drugstores and other shops sell deodorants with a variety of scents. Deodorants convert odor-causing substances into odorless chemicals by vaporizing chemical substances.

Even if it eliminates odors, the vaporized chemical substances remain in the indoor space and may affect humans and pets.
In particular, pets, which have a sense of smell that is hundreds of thousands to millions of times stronger than humans, are constantly using their sense of smell more than ours.
Also, some pets cannot metabolize fragrance ingredients in their bodies, so I don't know if it is better to avoid using fragrances in a pet breeding environment.

Houseplants are a natural way to clean the air in your home.

Recently, as the self-restraint period continues, I think that many people have adopted home cultivation and foliage plants.

I recently welcomed a cactus into my family🌵

To be honest, at first I was worried about whether I would be able to grow it, but now I've come to watch it every day and take care of it naturally, and I'm happy to see it grow day by day. I also started to take it in.

A study by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in 1989 revealed that foliage plants are effective not only as interior decoration, but also to adsorb and remove substances harmful to the human body.

Houseplants, like us humans, live by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Therefore, placing foliage plants in rooms and workspaces creates a space with a lot of oxygen that makes it easy for humans to spend time.

In addition, it has the aspect of a living humidifier that absorbs water from its roots and releases it as water vapor from its leaves, moistening the dry winter air through transpiration.

Why don't you try your hand at houseplants and home cultivation with us?

5. Choose dust-free cleaning tools

The final tip for eco-friendly cleaning is to choose cleaning tools that do not generate waste.

This is the "environmentally friendly cleaning 3-piece set" sold at econawa.

" Econawa desktop brush and dust pan set " introduced in 2

You can easily collect fine dust around the table, desk, or in the kitchen, and the brush and dustpan are fixed with magnets and fit comfortably, so you can store it without taking up much space.

" Design printed kitchen towel " introduced in 3

It decomposes naturally in the soil in 4-8 weeks, is environmentally friendly, and has strong antibacterial properties to prevent bacterial odors. Since it can be used repeatedly, it has better design and functionality than disposable kitchen paper.

Finally, " Environmentally Friendly Eco Brush Set "

Made with only 100% natural plant fibers, each brush is particular about the quality of the fibers, the amount of bristles, and the hardness according to the application.
Please feel the warmth and safety that you can feel because it is a natural product.

・Vegetable and fruit scrubbing brush (elliptical)
・Brushes for washing pots and pans ・Brushes for washing bottles ・Brushes for washing dishes

Here are 5 earth-friendly cleaning routines for you! !

Unexpectedly, there may have been things that were casually used that were actually plastic products, or that had an impact on the environment and the human body.

I myself have learned a lot through this blog and learned many new things. I believe that this kind of steady learning will turn into action and change the future.

We at econawa would like to continue to provide information that is easy to put into practice and considers the environment, so I hope you will look forward to our blog😆

Thank you for reading to the end! ! !

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