4 types of body-friendly smoothies that are refreshing and nutritionally balanced🍌🥝🍑

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Since I became interested in sustainability and ethics, I want to make choices that are friendly to the global environment, and I usually try to live a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle.

I try to use organic and seasonal ingredients for my smoothies, and I also pay attention to nutritional balance🥑 .

I train at my own pace every morning, so I'm conscious of building a body that is hard to gain weight and being healthy, so I'm also devising a smoothie recipe that uses protein 💪

From now on, I will introduce 4 types of smoothies that are rich in fruits and contain vitamin C, make your skin shiny, and keep you in shape 💓

🥕 Carrot and avocado smoothie

🥕Carrot and avocado smoothie

<recipe> for one person

1 carrot ( kintoki carrot )・half avocado ・half persimmon ・100ml200ml soy milk
・Appropriate amount of maple syrup ・One and a half strawberries (decoration)
・Frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries ( decoration ) as desired ・Chocolate granola (decoration) as desired

<How to make>

Cut the carrots into 2cm cubes and warm them in the microwave.

(If you prefer a cold smoothie, chill it in the refrigerator before using.)

Add carrots, avocado, persimmon, soy milk, and maple syrup in that order, and mix with a mixer.

Place in a bowl, decorate in the order of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, and finish with your favorite granola!


Soy milk is adjusted according to the softness of vegetables and fruits⭐️

This time, the persimmons were ripe and soft, so I added about 100ml of soy milk.

Cut the topping strawberry in half and put it on the smoothie,

It is recommended because it is finished cutely 💗

🥑 Avocado and blueberry smoothie

🥑 Avocado and blueberry smoothie 

<recipe> for one person

・Half avocado ・About 10 frozen blueberries (appropriate amount)
- 1 kiwi (sliced ​​thinly and set aside for decoration)
1 banana (use a large one , 1/3 for decoration)
・Soy milk 100ml - 200ml
・Appropriate amount of maple syrup ・Honey granola (garnish) as desired

<How to make>

Slice the bananas and kiwis in advance.

Put in banana → avocado → frozen blueberry → kiwi → soy milk → maple syrup in order and mix with a mixer.

Put it in a bowl, decorate it in the order of kiwi and banana, fill the gaps with frozen blueberries, and sprinkle your desired amount of honey granola on top to complete!


Add maple syrup generously when adding avocado.

The vegetable feeling of avocado is reduced and it becomes easier to eat 😊

For the decoration, decide on the main ingredients that are large, and put them in order from large to small to create a beautiful finish 💁‍♀️

🍵 Matcha and banana smoothie

🍵Matcha and banana smoothie


2 spoons of matcha kinako protein ・1 frozen banana ・1 kiwi200ml soy milk
・Appropriate amount of maple syrup ・Frozen raspberries, frozen strawberries ( decoration ) as desired ・Chocolate granola ( decoration ) as desired

<How to make>

Freeze the frozen bananas before cutting them.

Cut the kiwi into rings.

Put frozen banana → kiwi → soy milk → protein → maple syrup in order and mix with a mixer.

Place in a bowl and arrange the frozen raspberries and frozen strawberries vertically in the center for decoration. Sprinkle chocolate granola on both sides as you like and it's done!


The protein is already flavored, but if you add maple syrup as a secret ingredient,

It goes well with the soybean paste, and the sweetness increases, making it very delicious 💚

If you like sweet, please try it!

If you only eat vegetables and fruits, you may be worried about the lack of protein. By combining well with protein, you can also supplement plenty of protein!

If you use protein, we recommend adding soy milk, and for fruits, bananas go well with any flavor of protein.

🌷Fig and plum smoothie

🌷Fig and Plum Smoothie


2 figs ( 1 smoothie, 1 garnish)
1 banana (use a large one , 1/3 for decoration)
1 plum ・100g to 150g soy milk yogurt ・Appropriate amount of maple syrup ・Honey granola ( garnish )

<How to make>

Cut the bananas into round slices and the plums into 2-3cm pieces.

Peel and cut figs for use in smoothies, or cut into half-moons for garnish.

Put banana → fig → plum → soy milk yogurt → maple syrup in order and mix with a mixer.

Put it in a bowl and line up the bananas along the bowl. Arrange the half-moon sliced ​​figs alternately, and sprinkle honey granola on the gaps to complete!


Combining ingredients with similar colors, such as figs and plums, will bring out the color of the smoothie beautifully!

If you want to enjoy a sticky texture, we recommend using soy milk yogurt instead of soy milk❤️

I think the figs will turn out prettier if you cut them with the skin on ☺️

I use econawa food bags for food storage✨

Silicon food case

When freezing food, cut it in advance and then freeze it. Bananas, in particular, go well with any smoothie and are used frequently, so I put them in a food case and freeze them. I don't wrap it in plastic wrap, I put it in a food case and use it as it is🍌Because bananas become sweeter when frozen, they taste better when frozen!

After using the food case, I wash it and use it to freeze the next ingredients.

It closes quite tightly, so I'm happy that I can carry it around! I want to put frozen fruits in it and use it on the go 🍑🍒

Article writing-posted by RIHO HOJO

Arasa OL living in Osaka .
I'm devising a fashionable smoothie recipe that's simple but exciting every morning✨
Posting a lifestyle that is conscious of beauty, health and sustainability on Instagram🥝

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