Easy to understand! What is the new plastic bill that will be implemented from April 2022? ①

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From April next month, the new plastic bill will finally be implemented. It is an effort to add and promote

I would like to explain exactly what it is.

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・What is the Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law?

・What are the specific designations for the 12 reduction items?

・What is the Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law?

Environmental problems such as marine plastics flowing into the sea and climate change caused by carbon dioxide generated in the process of manufacturing plastic products and incinerating waste are increasing year by year. The purpose is to encourage and reduce the amount of waste.

The bill will be approved by the Cabinet in March 2021, passed and enacted at the plenary session of the House of Representatives in June, and the law will come into effect from April 2022.

As shown in the figure above, it is a bill that Japan as a whole will work to solve marine litter, global warming, and resource depletion through efforts to reduce the mass production, mass consumption, and mass disposal of plastic.

Reference: https://plastic-circulation.env.go.jp/

・Products that control emissions are designated as one of the items to be regulated.

How do you actually stop it?

・Confirm whether or not you need the plastic cutlery that comes with your food.
・If you do not need cutlery, add benefits such as giving points ・Provide for a fee ・Provide products that can be used repeatedly

Regulation ①

・Used in supermarkets, convenience stores, and restaurants

1. Fork

2. Spoon

3. Knife

4. Muddler

5. Straw

For these five items, if there is a possibility that plastic spoons and forks will be charged when buying food at convenience stores and supermarkets, you may need to carry your own spoon or fork with you when you go out. I don't think so.

・Used in hotels and lodging facilities

6. Hairbrush

7. Combs

8. Razor

9. Shampoo cap

10. Toothbrush

At travel destinations such as accommodation facilities, the amenity goods that were originally attached may become recyclable, and the number of places where such amenities are sold may increase. One set If you have your own amenity goods, it may be convenient because you can use them whenever you go out.

・Used in cleaning shops, etc.

11. Hanger

12. Clothing covers

I think that these two points are often implemented by dry cleaners, but it seems that there are also companies that reuse hangers and other plastics and repeatedly manufacture old plastics again.

Regulation ②
Their respective roles in implementing the Plastic Resource Recycling Promotion Law

Business owner (manufacturing/design side)

・Reduce the weight and minimize the materials and packaging used for the product ・Use materials that can be used repeatedly, or make the product into a shape that can be disassembled so that only the part can be replaced. (no need to replace everything)
・Voluntarily collect, reuse, and recycle the products that you have manufactured and sold ・Consider easy-to-transport and collect/separate, crush, and incinerate

Consumers (dischargers, businesses, purchasers)
・Appropriate sorting and curbing excessive use.

・Replace with environmentally friendly materials or select easily recyclable materials ・Use certified plastics such as biomass plastics and biodegradable plastics

Municipalities/Plastics are sorted and collected, and recycling companies work together to recycle them.

Each part has its own role in the process, but I think that we, as consumers, can eliminate waste in the process by properly sorting the waste from sorting to recycled products. I felt that each consideration and ingenuity was necessary to make it easier to proceed to the next process.

In the next article, I will talk in more detail about the 3Rs we have been working on so far, and also summarize in detail how we will approach the start of the new bill, and what you are wondering about, such as why plastic is bad. It's an article, so please look forward to the next time 😆! ! !

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