7 ways to go green in 2022

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hello everyone! !

When I conducted the GIVE AWAY campaign before, I received a lot of comments from many people when I asked them what they are aware of recently and what eco-friendly stories they are practicing.

I think that the consciousness of one person will be connected to the consciousness of everyone, and will be reflected in the earth and the environment. Today, I would like to summarize the eco stories I received in the comments and introduce and share the summarized results here.

Thank you very much to those who participated in the campaign and those who wrote comments! ! ! !

Let's take a look at the voting results! ! * [ ] is the number of votes

[72] My bottle [66] My bag [11] Bring your own lunch box [9] No food loss/selection of ingredients [9] Use of silicon cover/beeswax cover [6] No car/no train (bicycle transportation)
[6] Buy from supermarkets with old expiration dates [5] Energy saving (do not lower the temperature of the air conditioner too much / lower the temperature of the hot water / reduce the consumption of the air conditioner / use hot water from the bathtub instead of leaving the shower on / use unplug the electrical cord that is not
[4] Recycling of food trays and milk cartons [3] Recycling of clothes (children's clothes and supplies hand-me-downs/remakes of old clothes/used clothes)
[5] Kitchen garden [5] Eco-friendly detergent/shampoo (uses baking soda and soap/does not use synthetic detergent)
[3] Using compost [3] Reducing the use of plastic products [3] Vegan [2] Saying they don't need cutlery at convenience stores [2] Commitment to natural/organic materials [2] Consideration when cooking/cleaning up ( Consider not to become garbage ・Do not spill oil [2] Local production for local consumption (purchase locally grown vegetables)
[2] Purchase trayless/packageless food [2] Switch to cloth napkins and absorbent shorts
[2] Use an unbleached coffee filter/use a filterless dripper
[1] Saving tissues [1] Bringing refillable containers [1] Bringing your own tableware and cutlery [1] Bringing containers when shopping or taking out/considering the materials of tableware when camping [1] Taking care of things and using them for a long time
[1] Use a milk carton instead of a cutting board [1] Minimize garbage [1] Clean the beach [1] Avoid discarding vegetables as much as possible [use the skin]
[1] Purchasing non-standard vegetables [1] Cook the skins and stems of vegetables to reduce discarded parts
[1] Reuse unwanted clothes as cleaning supplies

After all, there were a lot of my bottles and my bags, and I got the impression that there were many other people who were conscious of food loss! !

I want you to share and work on eco-life! Hope you enjoy! It was with this in mind that I started the GIVE AWAY campaign. I am very happy to be able to share so many opinions.

We plan to continue campaign planning in the future, so please look forward to it! !

I divided the contents of the tally this time into groups.

that name as well.......

7 ways to go green

1. recycling

・Recycle unwanted clothes as cleaning supplies

・Recycling of food trays and milk cartons ・Recycling of clothes
・ Hand-me-down children's clothes / Remake of old clothes / Old clothes ・ Use recyclable glass and stainless steel products even for the same products

Recycle is regarded as 3R together with Reduce and Reuse. Take clothes and toys that you no longer wear to a recycle shop, remake the clothes your mother wore when she was young and wear them, and mothers with children give each other to recycle. I thought it would be nice to be connected to !
Even if it is still usable, it is wasteful to throw it away because it is not used, and it will become garbage. Compromise eliminates waste and makes it easier on your wallet.
Every year there is a new fashion, and we say "this year's trend", but fashion is always repeating itself. It's interesting to think that the design from a long time ago has become the current trend.


2. stop using single-use plastic

・Set up a home water server and bring your own bottle ・Take your own bag when you go shopping ・Not need cutlery at convenience stores ・Switch to paper napkins and absorbent shorts ・Bring refillable containers ・Coffee filters Switch to eco-friendly filters

When it comes to reducing plastic, the first thing that comes to mind is PET bottles, isn't it? I think that there are many people who refrain from buying plastic bottles and bring their own bottles. Especially in the hot summer, it's nice to be able to drink cold drinks all the time.

In the new plastic bill that started in April 2022, specific plastic products will be charged. "It's important to be able to say that.

Others brought their own refillable containers. Until you get used to your own bottle and bag, I think that many people accidentally forgot or felt inconvenient. Now that I've gotten used to it, I feel guilty if I forget these two points... (laughs) I've started cleaning the beach every month, and the amount of plastic and these things have a big impact on the ocean and nature. I feel like I'm not someone else's problem when I realize what I'm doing.

Little by little from being able to do something close in front of you! !


Reduce food loss

・Commitment to selection of ingredients ・Purchase items that are close to the expiration date at the supermarket or those that are displayed in front of you ・Do not waste food ・Commitment to selection of ingredients
・Home garden ・Reduce garbage by using vegetable and fruit skins and stems (disposable parts) ・Purchase non-standard vegetables and fruits ・Purchase only what you need when you go shopping ・Compost Food waste reduction by use

As for food loss, when shopping at the supermarket, there were a lot of people who took the product from the front as much as possible (because of the short expiry date). It seems that many people are conscious of buying non-standard vegetables and fruits sold at farmers' markets and using up the skin and stems when cooking.

Until now, non-standard food was discarded by the manufacturer, but it is the same vegetable, and it is a proof that it has grown naturally. On the contrary, I am happy that I can buy this cheaply.

You can also cook the skins and stems so that they don't become scraps of the vegetables. Skins, stems and roots usually contain more vitamins and nutrients.
I'm happy to be able to take more nutrition and not be garbage.

When I go shopping, I tend to buy too many things that look delicious. Now, I make a list of things to buy in my memo, and I only see what I need and nothing else! ! When I started to be conscious of this, I was able to get rid of the inconsolable feelings of throwing away leftovers and past expiration dates!

rethink transportation

・Refrain from using cars, trains, etc. ・Prefer to walk or ride a bicycle

Although it varies depending on the region and environment, there were many comments that they traveled by bicycle rather than by car because of their awareness of reducing CO2 emissions. It's good exercise and helps maintain good health, so it's especially good on sunny days. There are means of transportation such as airplanes, buses, and trains, but the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by cars is the largest.
It is said that we need to halve greenhouse gases by 2030.
Infrastructure development and renewable energy are progressing, but I think that individual efforts are also necessary.
In Okinawa where we live, there are no trains and it is a complete car society.
Riding a bicycle is only for school days, and it is a rare environment to ride a bicycle as an adult. It makes me feel that the current environment is not the norm, and that it is important to change according to the situation.

Saving electricity and water

・Reduce air conditioner consumption ・Lower the temperature of hot water ・Do not lower the temperature of the air conditioner too much ・Use hot water in the bathtub rather than the shower

Many people were conscious of saving electricity and water.

Especially in the summer, utility bills will inevitably increase, but you can try replacing the air conditioner with a fan, keeping the temperature at a certain level without lowering it too much, and so on. I think there are many things that can be implemented relatively easily at home. Lowering the temperature of the hot water, and one thing I particularly needed to pay attention to was unplugging the power cords when not in use...this is very important. Electricity shortages were a hot topic this summer as well. I don't think there are many people who have been greatly affected this year, but I think it's important to review the electricity we use on a daily basis. Shake it off from what you can do.

Efforts to switch to eco in the kitchen

・Use food bags ・Use beeswax wraps to reduce the use of wraps ・Use lunch boxes ・Trayless/packageless food purchases
Replace sponge with compostable bamboo utensils

Plastic is commonly used in kitchens. At econawa, we have a wide variety of eco-friendly and cute kitchen utensils. I was very happy to hear that everyone was aware of and loved the food bags, food covers, beeswax wraps and containers in the comments!
A lot of plastic waste can be reduced just by consciously replacing disposable items with products that can be washed repeatedly.

personal consciousness

・Avoid meat, etc. and focus on vegetables ( vegan, vegetarian, etc.)
・Commitment to natural materials/organic
・Consideration for cooking/cleaning up (to prevent garbage/oil stains from flowing)
・Local production for local consumption (Purchase local vegetables)
・Take care of things (use them for a long time)
・Minimize garbage ・Beach clean

At econawa, we conduct beach cleaning activities in Okinawa Prefecture every month, and we post our stories and thoughts on SNS and Instagram stories. At first, it started with the staff's personal feelings about the sea, but as the number of times increased every month, they began to see the actual damage caused by garbage, saying, "Is it okay to have a little bit...", "Is it okay if I throw it away here?" ”The background is now visible. If everyone throws away garbage with the same feeling, the city will become dirty and have a negative impact on the environment. I will be fine.
You can also interact with people, and there are many discoveries.

There are things you can do and things you can't do depending on the environment, and if it becomes a burden, there is no point. Just thinking about not increasing waste and saving electricity will change your mindset.

I want to do something to the earth and environment when my feelings are not rich! !

I don't think I can reach that strong feeling. The richness of feelings and leeway are never just about money or finances, but the experience gained from a little action will give you confidence and leeway, and you will feel the desire to do something for someone or something. I think not.

I think that action applies to all of the 7 selections introduced this time, and there are those who think that nothing will change for the earth even if only I do this much. There may be many.

However, this time, I think that there are more than a few people who have thought about trying something like this, as it has become a place to exchange opinions and information with many people from one campaign like this. In a good way, I would like to get everyone involved and share awareness about ecology and create a movement! ! !

We will continue to hold campaigns like this in the future and send out information about ecology and Okinawa, so please check our e-mail magazine, blog, and Instagram! !

Thank you again for staying with us until the end!

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