5 ways to use clothes you no longer wear without throwing them away! !

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What do you do with clothes and accessories that you no longer wear?

When I decided to move to Okinawa, I also cleaned up my house for the first time in my life! !

But... I thought I would wear it, but when I bought it, it was unexpectedly stored in the back of the closet, and it didn't fit my body shape.

Have you ever had such an experience?

It pains me to throw away clothes and accessories that I no longer wear... In today's article, I'll introduce you to 5 ways to use them.

1. Take it to a recycle shop

Recycle shops can buy clothes and accessories in a short time on the same day.

This is recommended for people who don't like throwing things away but don't have time for flea markets and it's a bit of a hassle. It's best to check with the store and bring it with you 😊

2. put it on the flea market

Not only at the flea market held on the roadside, but now you can easily exhibit on the net. It takes a little more time than recycle shops because you have to set the price, photos, product details, etc. yourself, but you can sell at a price you are satisfied with and you can directly communicate with people who need the product, so the seller can I think it's attractive that buyers can sell and shop with peace of mind.

3. Take it to the collection box at the store

Many apparel brands such as UNIQLO, GU , MUJI, H&M, ZARA, and Yofuku-no-Aoyama are collecting clothes.

There are many apparel brands that will collect stains, stains, and even if the product is not of that brand, even if it is torn. Isn't it 🤔

Depending on the store, it seems that there are cases where you can easily point out limited campaigns where you can get discount coupons, or you can get points!

By the way, it's getting colder and colder, and I think there are more opportunities to wear down.

From October 1, 2021 (Friday) to November 30, 2021 (Tuesday), UNIQLO will offer 1,000 yen discount digital coupon for each eligible product to customers who cooperate with UNIQLO Down Recycling . It's like giving a gift!

If you are interested, please check it out😌

4. Donate clothes

Depending on the local government, business operators can purchase clothes that they no longer wear and donate the sales proceeds to the local government, or make donations to NPOs to support overseas clothing support.

Second-hand DE vaccine

For second-hand DE vaccines, you just need to purchase a collection cardboard box for about 3,000 yen from an online site, fill the cardboard box with the clothes you no longer need, and send it to us. The cost of purchasing cardboard boxes will be donated to the cost of polio vaccines for children around the world, and a portion of the sales of items sorted and sold in the local area, which emphasizes local employment, will also be donated to the cost of vaccines.

Reference: https://furidevaccine.etsl.jp

fresh plaza union

The supermarket union, which has several stores in Okinawa, has set up a used clothes collection box and collected the clothes, and all the profits from the clothes collected at the reuse shop will be donated to rebuild Shuri Castle, which was destroyed by fire in 2019.

In order to revive Shuri Castle, which was the symbol of Okinawa Prefecture. Restoration that connects people's thoughts is progressing step by step. The URL below lists stores in Okinawa Prefecture.

Find a Union store near you.


Sakura Line 311

Create a line of cherry blossoms that connects the 170 km maximum reach of the tsunami from the Great East Japan Earthquake, and convey the damage of the earthquake without fading by flowers that bloom every year, and pass it on to future generations. And try not to lose your life in the tsunami that will hit again someday.
A total of 17,000 at 10m intervals at the tsunami arrival point of 170km.

Cardboard can be ordered free of charge, and the cardboard will arrive the next day at the shortest. We will fill the cardboard box with unwanted items such as clothes and bags and send it back.

We will notify you of the assessment results within 1 to 3 days from the arrival of the returned cardboard. Determine the donation amount based on the assessment results from Brandia. If you are unsatisfied with the assessed amount, it seems that you are returning it with free shipping from one item.

There are many people in Japan and all over the world who are saved just by donating things they no longer need. There are many people who are doing it, and the concept of throwing away clothes from inside is gone.

Reference: https://lp.sakura-line311

*Please see the online site for details as there are items that can be sent depending on the group and that will not be delayed.

5. Do a remake

How to make a book cover made from one piece of cloth

Turn unwanted clothes and handkerchiefs into book covers and bookmarks! !

There is no work such as a sewing machine, and it is a simple hand sewing work, so even those who are not good at sewing can easily make it.

Please check it out 😊😊

Reference: https://book.nunocoto-fabric.com/12482

Comes with a wide gusset for plenty of room! How to make a cloth eco bag

Shopping bags have become charged, and now you can remake the eco bag that you always have in your bag with clothes you no longer wear! !

The process is a little more difficult than the book cover, but you can make it without using a sewing machine! ! There is even a pocket inside so it can be easily folded, and the gusset is deep so you don't have to worry about it not being able to fit inside.

Please make it by all means 😆

Reference: https://book.nunocoto-fabric.com/14295

These are the 5 ways to use clothes you no longer need! ! !

Writing this blog, I felt that there are many choices other than throwing things away, and that they will reach people who can be saved or need them.

There are many other ways to use it besides the ones I introduced this time, so if you have clothes you no longer need, don't throw them away and try to find a way to use them that suits your purpose😌

Thank you for reading to the end today! ! !

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the subscribers who have always supported me.

Please look forward to the next article! !

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