A number of shocking flotsam seen at the monthly beach cleanup

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Hello everyone! !

Every month at Eco Nawa, we are doing beach cleaning around the sea of ​​Okinawa! !

The state of the beach cleanup is posted on Instagram stories from time to time, but this time I would like to talk about the time when I went there last month.

This time, the beach was cleaned at a beach in Yoshinoura Park in Nakagusuku-cho, Okinawa Prefecture.

As you enter the park and go deeper and deeper, you can see the sea!

There is a signboard near the entrance to the sea, and it is said that sea turtles have been confirmed to land and spawn at Yoshinoura Park Beach !

Since it is such a beach, I entered the beach and started cleaning, thinking that there would be no trash there because it was well maintained ! !


Usually, when cleaning the beach, there is a lot of garbage that people throw away intentionally, although the type of garbage varies depending on the place, such as plastic bottles, empty cans, cigarettes and candy bags. It was an impression that there was a lot of garbage and a lot of it was thrown away in unpopular places.

At Yoshinoura Park Beach this time, there is very little garbage that people intentionally throw away. was falling into

Some of you may have seen it in person,

It turns out that the plastic straws, fishing nets, and nets that get tangled in the noses of sea turtles and cause them to die are actually drifting down to the shores where sea turtles land in search of safety. I was so shocked.

As you can see in the first picture, when I thought that small microplastics were floating in the sea and eaten by fish, I felt sadness and fear at the same time.

If you regularly clean the beach, the type of garbage and how long it takes depends on the beach. It made me think again that there are coasts all over Japan and all over the world that are suffering from garbage that has washed up like this, not just Yoshinoura Park.


There was a lot of small trash, but there was also a lot of big trash, so one bag wasn't enough .

Every time I do a beach cleanup , the characteristics of the beach and the type of garbage change greatly .

Let's change from where we can be conscious of things that are close to us step by step!

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Thank you for reading this time to the end! ! !

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