I compared bamboo towels and kitchen towels

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Today, I'm going to write an article about my impressions after comparing bamboo towels and kitchen towels that can be washed repeatedly!

What is a bamboo towel that can be washed and used repeatedly?

Made from bamboo fiber, which has natural antibacterial and purifying properties, it is durable, tear-resistant and absorbent. It can be washed and reused about 80 times, can be composted after use, and is environmentally friendly as it does not become waste.

Why is bamboo good for the environment...?

Compared to trees, which take about 30 to 50 years to grow, bamboo grows faster, growing as fast as 3 to 4 years, so it protects the earth from deforestation. It is also a plant with high vitality that can grow without chemicals or artificial fertilizers. It takes in carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and produces oxygen.

If you actually compare using kitchen paper and bamboo kitchen towel...?

paper kitchen paper and bamboo kitchen towels
I compared the absorption rate , wiping off, and soaking in water separately.

✔️ Absorption rate

Compared to kitchen paper, bamboo kitchen paper sucked up the moisture in the container. You can see the high absorbency.

(Bamboo towel)
Approximately 60g of absorption per sheet

(kitchen paper)
Approximately 10g of absorption per sheet

Kitchen paper, which is inevitably disposable, can be used to remove oil from deep-fried food and use it as a drop lid for boiled food, so it has the advantage of being used every time.

Bamboo towels, which are thick and absorbent, can be washed and used repeatedly, such as tablecloths and kitchen plumbing, so I felt they were convenient for cleaning.
When water spills on the floor, it is very useful when you want to wipe it off quickly.

After washing the dishes, there were times when fine fibers adhered to the wipes. In such a case, we recommend kitchen wipes (towels) that have excellent absorption, quick drying, and antibacterial properties!


This time, we used an oil that is difficult to wipe off and verified how much it could be wiped off!

kitchen towel

Even when I wiped it off with kitchen paper, the oil spread and the absorbency was low, leaving the table a little oily. Finally, I was able to absorb it by wiping it off with repeated rubbing several times.

bamboo kitchen towel

Absorbed everything with one swipe. I was surprised by this too! ! ! High absorbency = no waste, it can be wiped off quickly to prevent waste, and it can be wiped off with a single towel and washed and used repeatedly, so there is no waste.
It also has a high water retention capacity, so if you soak it in water and wrap leafy vegetables and condiments in it, it will last longer.

✔️When soaked in water and washed

Let's take a look at what happened after washing the oiled kitchen paper and bamboo kitchen towel with water! !

kitchen paper

That's what happens.... Because it's paper, it was torn in an instant if it was soaked in water.

bamboo kitchen towel

The bamboo towel was washed cleanly without being torn even if it was scrubbed with soap.

The length of the roll is about 5.6m/20 pieces, and one towel can be washed and used repeatedly about 80 times.
that's right. This one roll can be used 1600 times.

Considering long-term use, cotton cloth that can be washed and used continuously is the best.
However, if you are concerned about the smell of bacteria and germs, and continue to use it around the water, black mold may occur. From a hygienic point of view, it is important to change them at regular intervals. I can't use it anymore! ! When you put it in the compost and mix it with the soil. It is composted and does not become garbage.

how was it? ? I myself was surprised while doing this verification. Even if I actually used it, I was able to realize the convenience again by comparing it. It is durable and can be used many times. It's nice not to feel guilty even if you throw it away.

After washing, it can be dried and reused again.

Even if you squeeze it as hard as you can, it won't break, so please squeeze it tightly and dry it. It dries quickly, and bamboo has a high bactericidal and antibacterial action, making it very hygienic.

Impressions of using bamboo kitchen towels

The fact that it can be used repeatedly was a big plus. There was no peculiar smell of bacteria and it was clean. It was durable even after washing, so I plan to use it in the kitchen at first, and then use it for cleaning when it gets dirty.
If it's disposable, I'll wipe it off and throw it away right away, so I ended up consuming a lot of it, but I wanted to reconsider little by little what I was wasting.

The fluffy and comfortable towel is 28 cm x 28 cm, which is just the right size to fit comfortably in your hand even if you spread it out.

It can be used about 80 times per sheet (total of 1600 times), and the cost performance is also high.

Please try bamboo kitchen towels that are friendly to the environment and your wallet! !

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