Ethical way of life learned in eco-advanced country Australia

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Nice to meet everyone! This is econawa Ruri!

In this article, I would like to talk about the ecological situation and efforts in Australia where I lived for about three years.

I lived in Australia for three years from 2017 to 2020.

First of all, the most impressive thing when I was there was that from 2018, plastic bags were completely abolished and people brought their own bags.

Since July 2020, Japan has changed to a similar system, and now I think that my bag has become quite popular in Japan.

Large Australian supermarkets such as Woolworths and Colse sell a slightly thicker shopping bag for about 80 yen, and a thicker bag like a cooler box for 200 yen.

In Australia, there are many vegans, and supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes always have vegan corners and menus.

In Japan, vegetables and fruits are sometimes sold in single bags, but in Australian supermarkets, they are all sold by weight, and a heavy machine is placed next to the vegetables and fruits. I lived alone and was worried about food loss, so it was very convenient to be able to buy it by weight.

We often eat out, and in order to reduce food loss, we asked them to take out what they couldn't eat, but almost all restaurants allowed takeout.

Takeaway containers and cutlery have changed from plastic to paper and wooden ones, and at my previous workplace, I would bring a plate with me at lunchtime and be told, "You don't need a container, use this." I was surprised when I met him, but I remember thinking later that he was a wonderful person.

For the first few months in Australia, I was homestaying with a local family. The family had a 3-year-old boy who was attending kindergarten at the time, and during dinner, the child said, ``Today at the nursery school, there is a video showing how many animals are affected by the garbage that humans throw away. I felt very sad when I saw it," he told us.

In Australia, there are many kindergartens and homes where children over the age of 3 are educated about the seriousness of the impact on the earth and animals caused by garbage separation and littering. I felt that I was thinking of

This photo was taken before when I went to the beach and there was a tree with an interesting shape surrounded by a lot of plastic bottles and trash. I felt the lack of awareness and bad manners of the few people who use the beach, so I asked the photographer to take a picture from an angle that makes it look like the trees are picking up trash.

In Japan, PET bottled drinking water is sold everywhere in convenience stores and supermarkets. If you are thirsty, you can buy it from vending machines anywhere, so it is a country where people use PET bottles very often. However, Japan's PET bottle collection rate and recycling rate exceed 80%, which is extremely high compared to Europe and the United States.

One of the reasons why the recycling rate of PET bottles is so high is that consumers and businesses are thoroughly sorting out and collecting waste, and municipalities are obligated to reduce container and packaging waste. I think they are.

I think that if each person changes their eco-awareness a little in their daily lives, the ocean and beaches will not be overflowing with garbage.

Whether you live in Japan or Australia, the island country is surrounded by the sea, so environmental problems are easy to notice. Each time, I think about countermeasures and points for improvement, and think that it is important to make efforts for the environment in each country.

Japan, too, would like to continue to maintain its own high standards of eco-friendliness, while incorporating the customs of other countries that are focusing on eco-friendliness.

This time, I talked about my experiences such as shopping and education in Australia.

In the next article, I would like to talk about the eco-products and habits that I use in my daily life, which I actually asked the local Australians.

Once again, thank you for reading to the end! ! !

Stay tuned for the next article! ! !

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