Easy to understand! What is the new plastic bill that will be implemented from April 2022? ②

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・Explanation of the 3Rs that seem to be understood but not understood

Why is plastic bad? are there any good parts

・What impact will this bill have on future environmental issues?

・Explanation of the 3Rs that seem to be understood but not understood

What exactly are the 3Rs we hear so often?

In addition to Reduce , Reuse, and Recycle , the new bill focuses on Renewable .

Reduce: reduce

For example, the most familiar way to reduce is to bring your own bag at convenience stores and supermarkets, reduce the frequency of using plastic bags, reduce food loss such as leftovers, and throw away clothes and accessories. The aim is to reduce waste in the first place. It means that you should try not to buy or bring in garbage from the beginning.

Reuse: use repeatedly

There are some econawa products that can be used repeatedly, but if you stop throwing them away and choose something that can be used over and over again, you will be surprised how much you can reduce waste. Reuse initiatives include sharing clothes that you don't wear often with your friends, friends, and now others on Mercari, and repairing broken items for reuse.

Recycle: Recycle

Recycling means reusing as a resource and using it as a material for the same kind of product or a different product.

For example, newspapers, magazines, and cardboard can be recycled into toilet paper. Also, clothes can be made from PET bottles , but if recyclable resources are thrown away with combustible garbage, they will simply be incinerated and cannot be recycled. It's a good idea to find out what can be classified as recyclable.

In addition to the 3Rs, the new bill this time

Renewable: Added Renewable.

Renewable is... Unlike finite energies such as oil, coal, and natural gas, we are switching to energies that are always present in the natural world, such as some of the earth's resources, such as solar panels, wind power, and geothermal heat, which many people have installed in their homes these days. That's right!

I have changed from 3R to 4R, but I think that just by understanding the content of 3R that I hear a lot these days, my awareness will change and I will naturally incorporate it into my life. Let's understand and work together from now on! !

Why is plastic bad? are there any good parts

Plastic has many advantages such as light weight, rust resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Of course, it is very difficult to change everything from plastic to decomposed components, so I think it will be important for us to try to reduce it and to recycle PET bottles and food containers. .

If all garbage is disposed of as combustible garbage, the collected garbage will be incinerated, requiring a large amount of fuel. At that time, the carbon dioxide and toxic substances emitted at that time are more likely to affect the environment and the body. By recycling plastics, it is possible to reduce the amount of garbage and reduce these impacts.

Since the earth's resources, such as the petroleum required to make plastic, are limited, recycling can be said to be a great advantage in saving resources.

Rather than saying that all the properties of plastic are bad, I thought that there are not only disadvantages but also advantages in how businesses and consumers use plastics.

In this modern world, I think it is very difficult not to use plastic at all. I think it's going to be a resource, so i think I'll be conscious of it without being so burdensome.

・What impact will this bill have on future environmental issues?

Nowadays, it's becoming commonplace to carry your own bag, but the new bill will change things like personal cutlery, personal straws, and amenity goods. I think that the trend of reducing plastics and working to solve the environmental problems that Japan is facing will become more pervasive than it is now.

At first, I think there are many people who felt uncomfortable with bringing their own bags with the charge for plastic shopping bags, and those who felt a little stressed.

I was one of them. That mysterious feeling of guilt when you forget your own bag and buy a shopping bag... In such a case, it will change greatly just by being conscious when you notice it to the extent that it does not become a burden. So I think it will naturally permeate a part of my life.

Well, it's about 2 weeks until the new bill! !

Before that, it was nice to be able to prepare together with everyone.

Thank you for reading to the end 😊❤️

See you in the next article! !

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